Monday, August 18, 2008

Waiting in camp 2 5300m

Field Touring Alpine Spantik 2008

We've arrived at camp 2 and all is well. The weather has been very bad as of late and we are doing our best to stay positive and healthy. There is supposed to be a window of clear weather starting today, but alas, it's snowing like mad in the middle of August.

This morning Me, Taqui, Ian, Paul, Michael & Luksaz had a late start from camp 1 and headed up in great weather. The route was covered with about 15cm of fresh snow and I had the privilege of breaking trail up the wonderful ridge, jumping crevasses and kicking steps through amazing terrain. What a day at the office!

Yesterday we had to bid farewell to Dr Usman. His injured knee was just too much of a burden to him and he decided to leave the expedition. It was an emotional time as we all left him in base camp. The determination he showed getting to nearly camp 2 was an inspiration to us all. We already miss him
Tomorrow the team will rest at camp 2 and myself and Johnas from the Spanish group will finish fixing the route up to 6400m, just below camp 3. On the 20th, if the weather permits, we all move up and go for the summit the next day.

Chris from Spantik camp 2, 5300 meters.

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