Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gasherbrum II Expedition - The South West Ridge Route

This is a professionally organized and led expedition, that is partly guided. In that respect the leader provides the general support and maintains the logistics and safety support for the team, while it is expected that all team members be self sufficient at least on the low to intermediate slopes, and be able to undertake movement between the camps unsupervised. Those members that wish to undertake their summit bid in the company of the leaders will generally be able to do so, while more experienced climbers retain the flexibility to move independently.

To be an eligible member on this expedition you must be very competent, and posses the necessary stamina and experience to be a contributing player in the ascent. Gasherbrum II is part of the greater Gasherbrum group of 5 peaks, 2 of which soar over 8000m, and is the world's 13th highest peak. She is roundly held as one of the most straightforward and accessible of the fourteen, and climbers on her normal route, if sufficiently resourced and prepared, enjoy good summit rates in clement weather.

The climb is fully supported with the highest quality ground, base-camp, and leadership resources, and all group gear (HA and BC tents, tech gear, ropes, stoves etc) are included in the trip fee. This expedition represents an outstanding opportunity to be a part of an extremely well priced, expertly managed, and comprehensively resourced 8000m ascent.