Friday, August 22, 2008

Safe at camp 2, back to base camp in the am

FTA Spantik 2008 Expedition Update:

Just a quick update.

It snowed 35cm last night at camp 3. The wind was blowing a gale and despite our desire to finish off this big climb, there was no way we could possibly go anywhere but down. We were the only ones left on the mountain and the descent today was epic for some.

Everyone is safe and sound at camp 2. We will move down base camp tomorrow morning and sadly, conclude the climbing portion of this expedition. Like I always say, the mountain will always be there.

Chris from Spantik camp 2

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Andy said...

A little deja vu there Chris? Seems like you are becoming a bit of a snow magnet! Still good effort and I hope everyone gets off the mountain OK. Say 'Hi' to Fida. Clare is still sick - don't eat any apricots!

Hope you have better luck in Nepal! If you ever get around to downloading your G-II photos it would be great to get see some of them.