Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spantik 2008 Team Reaches Base Camp

Great news! The FTA 2008 Spantik team has all reached base camp at 4230M. Everyone is feeling great and we have already become great friends. We're having some very interesting conversations and heated debates on every imaginable topic.
Luksaz, Usman, Ian, Myself & Paul arrived yesterday, the 8th and Michael rocked up this morning (he trekked in a day behind us due to a little GI trouble). We are all healthy and preparations for the 7027M climb have begun.
Tomorrow we will do the usual gear checks, food sorting, packing and a little crevasse rescue training. The next day we plan to establish camp 1 at about 5150m and come back down to base that same day. After that, no one can say for sure. I promise to keep you posted though.
There are about 6 other expeditions on the mountain so tomorrow afternoon the expedition leaders will meet to discuss how to make the situation work for everyone. It's crowded at BC but it's a big hill.
Photo:7027M Spantik as seen on day 2 of 3 on the trek in.
Peace, love & happiness
Chris at Spantik BC

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ofl455 said...

The view looks amazing! Best of luck to you all and if you happen across the Melbourne, Australia team lead by Ingvar Lidman, would you mind posting an update on their progress? This seems to be the only post of current spantik news I could find. Much appreciated and we hope all the teams are successful!

The team left behind :)