Sunday, August 24, 2008

FTA Team back at base camp

FTA Spantik 2008 recap

Everyone is safe and sound at Spantik base camp. We had an excellent walk down from camp 2 yesterday and despite not reaching the summit, we all feel we had a successful expedition.

Everyone is safe, we have all of our fingers & toes and we are all great friends. The whole team put in an excellent effort and if the weather would have been more stable, I have no doubt everyone would have reached the top.

Tomorrow morning we leave base camp for Skardu then on to Islamabad for our international flights. Ian and I are flying to Kathmandu for the next big adventure. Ian to Cho Oyu with Stu Remensnyder and myself to the Annapurna range with Sean James. Keep checking back for more updates resuming the 1st week of September.

Have fun, climb hard, come home!
Chris from Spantik base camp.

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ofl455 said...

Chris, thanks for keeping us all informed. We've felt a little closer to our own teams through your correspondence. We share your disappointment on not reaching the summit but are glad to hear you are all safe & well. You mention heading off to your next adventure with a Sean James... would that be a Sean James from Sydney, Australia?

Best of luck,