Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another day in camp 3 6300m, too much snow!

FTA Spantik 2008 Update

We all arrived in camp 3 yesterday after a grueling climb up from camp 2. The early morning snow conditions were excellent but as the day progressed and the slopes steepend, hot temperatures made the climbing very taxing.

After our arrival at camp 3, Ian, Paul, Lukasz & Myself made the decision to wait a day before attempting the summit. There are about 30 climbers here right now and they all made an attempt for the summit at 3 am this morning. Among them was Michael and Taqui from the FTA team. The whole group turned back at 6600m in thick fog and deep snow.

It's snowing right now with zero visibility. If the sun comes out this afternoon and we get a good freeze this evening... And if the weather forecast is wrong we will make another attempt at 12 midnight.
All of the other expeditions have left camp 3 and are currently returning to base camp. It's just us at 6300m, 2 tents, 6 guys and 1/2 days food.

Stay tuned.
Chris from Spantik camp 3, 6300 m

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