Friday, October 28, 2011

FTA Khumbu Peaks & Passes - En Route to Kathmandu

Ben called in to let us know that the team had a great trip over the Renjo La and enjoyed a great time in Gokyo as well as a wonderful trek over the Renjo la to Thame a cruise back to Namche.

The entire team made it up Gokyo Ri a few days ago with some going in the morning and others for sunset. Ben and Richard decided to brave the cold of sunset and were rewarded with a few minutes of perfect sunset light on Everest as it poked up out of the layer of clouds which had kept it hidden during most of the their hike to the top. The morning crew had clearer weather the entire time so both groups were happy for their efforts!

On the pass they had more good views of Everest and the surrounding mountains and especially enjoyed the ease with which they could hike being so well acclimatized. In Thame they had some light snow but mostly clear weather and the trek back to Namche was very beautiful as well. Today they made the long trek back to Lukla and will catch the morning flight back to Kathmandu to enable them to enjoy a few days of sightseeing in Kathmandu!

Ben will come back into town and after seeing this crew off to the airport will get onto the preparations for our Ama Dablam Nov 4 expedition. He'll be joined during the course of the week by Brad, Meagan, Bryson and Colin during the course of the week and they will fly up to Lukla on the 6th. In the meantime we'll hope to hve a bunch of great pics from the team over the week ahead!

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