Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FTA Khumbu Peaks and Passes - in Gokyo

Ben called in from Gokyo to let us know that everyone was feeling great and that they had reached Gokyo with excellent weather and were looking forward to a full day in Gokyo. They took the high route across the eastern side of the glacier and then crossed over after joining up with the same path they would have had from the Cho La.

During the day in Gokyo they plan to hike up Gokyo Ri and take in the panoramic views once if not twice to capture sunrise and sunset views of Everest and the valley. The best for photos is really the sunset so they hope to have good weather and will bring sleeping bags and flashlights so they can stay late!

They will be heading out shortly to go over the 5300m Renjo La and around to Thame and this will be there most remote section of the trek with the high pass and proximity to Cho Oyu and Tibet.  They will pass most if not all of the Gokyo Lakes which have tremendous religious and are reported to be the highest fresh water system of lakes in the world. These lake help make life possible in the towns below and they have been studies as representative of climactic changes and concerns over potential flooding downstream.
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In Thame they will have the pleasure of visiting a wonderful monastery perched high on a hill overlooking the valley filled with fields, homes and tea houses.

From Thame they can also take hike up towards the pass to the Trashi Labsta pass which leads to the Rowaling Valley and a near encounter with Tibet. This is a pass we are looking forward to visiting next year as we expand our "tough treks" options which now include the Khumbu Peaks and Passes, K2 BC, Stok Kangri, Noshaq and more!

We will have news shortly from the team about their day in Gokyo and progress on the trek!

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JackieK said...

Well done to you all. Sounds wonderful. Hoping weather fares well for you and you enjoy those panoramic views! Stay warm!