Saturday, October 22, 2011

FTA Khumbu Peaks and Passes - Snowy Days en route to Gokyo

From Stu in the USA office

Ben called in on his cell phone from Pangbiche to let us know that the team had to reroute to get to Gokyo as a large snowfall all day made it impossible to go over Cho La safely. With low visibility and avalanche risk too high they instead  dropped back down to Pangbiche and will go to Gokyo by way of Upper Pangboche and Phorste.

The monastery in Pangboche is some 600 years old and the oldest in the Khumbu. The Lama is often called upon to perform the Puja for expeditions as they prepare to climb and is a busy person at this time of year with so many groups coming through!

The monastery Pangboche had at one time a relic said to be the hand of a Yeti. This relic was smuggled out in the 50's and a replica was brought back in April so our team may have a chance to see it!
here are some links for those wishing more details!

And this is a two part series that is really worth the read:—-a-true-tale-of-himalayan-mystery-intrigue-and-adventure/

From Phorste they will likley cross over to Phortse Tenga and then spend the night in Machermo before reaching Gokyo the next day and being back on schedule!

Meanwhile back in town, Seng is having a lovely time in Pokhara with his health fully restored. He dropped us the following note from the relaxing alternative to Kathmandu

"You are right about Pokhara - it's people are very easy going, less
traffic, clean air, less dusty and beautiful.

Mr Gyanendra Lalchan is looking after me like a family member - I have
tea with him. Baba Lodge is very pleasant. Tomorrow is the start of
Deepavali and there is going to be a big concert next in the park in
front of Baba Lodge.

I went up to the World Peace Stupa this afternoon and had great views
overlooking Pokhara, Phewa Lake and Sarankot.

Tomorrow morning at 5am I'll be leaving for Sarankot to experience the
sunrise and witness the magnificent views of snow peaked mountain
ranges of Manaslu, Annapurna, Machhapuchchhre and Dhaulagiri Himal -
can't wait!"

As Seng shows there is no lack of wonderful things to do in Nepal so come join FTA to a trip and adventure in the Himalaya! After a climb have a visit to Pokhara or Chitwan, raft the Karnali or kayak the Sun Khosi. Always something more to suite your disposition!

More news from the Khumbu ahead!

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JackieK said...

Hi Ben & Khumbu team. Apart from following you closely on your FTA blog/dispatches have been checking your journey on google earth. Looks like some amazing terrain whether on the peaks or the passes. Travel well on your alternate route to Gokyo by way of Upper Pangboche and Phorste.
(Thanks for great background info re Pangboche Monastery Stu.)
Go well. Wishes from Oz & UK.