Saturday, October 15, 2011

FTA Khumbu Peaks and Passes - Island Peak Summits!

from Stu in the USA office
Oct 15, 2011

Ben just called in with the update on the sussmit push with the good news that Veronika and Tsering topped out this morning and that they are already back in Chukung! They left the high camp at 3 am and topped out at 7:45am so were moving very quickly. Congrats to them both!

Mattias and Richard were feeling the effects of altitude and decided wisely to hold off on a summit bid and keep on a good track for Pokalde, Lobuche, Gokyo and the trip ahead. Mattias did take a good walk up towards the high camp and both he and Richard are ready to go for Pokalde high camp and the Kongma la tomorrow.

Seng has had the hardest time with the altitude and came back down to Dingboche from the Island Peak BC and Ben has been keeping a watchful eye on him. Today Ben and Seng decided it would be best for him to descend back to Deboche which is the last place he felt great and give him a few days of rest and acclimatization there. While the main group goes over the Kongma La, Seng will take it easy there along with our asst chef Geylu. If Seng is feeling well after a few nights there they will come back up to Pheriche and then on to Lobuche and meet up with the main team for the corssing of the Cho La. One of the good things about Deboche and the Rivendale Lodge is that Seng will have access to email so we'll hope for a nice note from him shortly.

As I mentioned in my last dispatch acclimatization is an individual matter and each member needs to listen to their body and move wisely. Sometimes it is simply a matter of slowing down during a day and breathing more, other times it means extra nights and ever now and then it even means descending. It is easy to forget as one treks by villages with children laughing and playing that these are still very high altitudes and need to be respected.

Ben and the main group will travel light with a few porters over the Kongma La and the cook staff and porters will meet them on the other side to join up for Lobuche BC.With good luck the entire team will head over the Cho La into the Gokyo valley in less than a weeks time carrying summits of Island Peak, Pokalde and Lobuche with them!

We'll have more news in the days ahead!

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