Friday, August 20, 2010

Pakistan in Need of Urgent Help!

From stu in the usa office
20 August, 2010

The situation goes from serious to dire for millions of people in Pakistan and we hope that you can help. Some 20 million Pakistanis from regions all over the country are being affected by the floods, some have lost family members, some have lost homes, most are in serious need of shelter, food and potable water.

Please read the stories, see the images and act now. This cannot wait til you are home from holidays or until the death toll is large enough to press us into action.

From the bottom of our hearts and the hearts of our friends, the staff we work with and from people we will never know in Paksitan we thank you.

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Editorial on Need in Pakistan
The world has been slow to grasp the enormity of this crisis, perhaps because it unfolded slowly, not in a sudden jolt like an earthquake or tsunami. Or, perhaps, the floods were overshadowed by the out-of-control fires in Russia or were neglected because many donors were already fatigued from the challenge of rebuilding Haiti.
The relatively low death toll (about 1,500), the summer vacation doldrums and negative views of Pakistan as corrupt and war-ridden also may have dampened enthusiasm for helping.
The devastation in Pakistan is likely to worsen as the monsoon rains continue. But even an end to the rains won’t end the emergency. Plans need to be made right now to ensure that next year’s crops are planted. Looming ahead is the enormous challenge of rebuilding Pakistan’s shattered bridges, roads, structures and agricultural and economic base. For now, the humanitarian needs are paramount.

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