Saturday, August 7, 2010

K2 2010 Update: Back in BC!

from stu in the usa office
Aug 7, 2010 3pm local K2 time

Fabrizio called in quickly from BC to let us know that he and everyone who was on the hill is down now to BC. They had just arrived having taken some 9 hours to descend the normally 4-hour trip.He chose to take the sweep position ("frankly a dangerous one" he noted) and sounds like he used up al of his resources (and 100m of 5mm spectra) to get down safely. A number of ropes were cut from rockfall, avalanches danger was very high and anchors needed lots of attention. Gerlinde and Ralf gave him big hugs upon arrival and Fabrizio said it was a very emotional scene at BC for everyone.

We'll have more updates ahead after the climbers have some well earned rest.



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