Friday, August 6, 2010

K2 2010 Summit Bid Update: Headed back to C3

10 am on the 6th, local time K2

We have had a short call from Fabrizio to let us know that he is heading back to C3 during the day today and will check in again when he is settled into the camp at C3. He did not have word on the other climbers decisions and movements at this time but we should hear more by later in the day. Fabrizio said the visibility remains near zero and conditions were difficult so the going will be slow.

We’ll have another update when Fabrizio calls in from C3 and share it with you then.


Unknown said...

Hopefully you're doing well Fabrizio. Looks like you didn't make it again he? But your still anice guy and very strong to turn around with the top nearby. Talk to you soon. Greetings to all people I know. Eelco Jansen

Yano said...

Fredrik Ericsson died on K2..