Monday, June 17, 2013

Broad Peak 2013 - Waiting Days in Skardu

Skardu Days
Our team is headed off to Askole tomorrow after a bureacratic delay due to the permitting process. A process which seems to a new challenge each year and one that requires patience and a willingness to accept the inevitable challenges of climbing in a military zone. I wrote a year ago about the process and commented on the fact that unlike many for countries, to climb in Pakistan is not something one can decide a few days ahead, get a flight, pack your gear and go. There are many weeks and often months worth of documentation, emails, visits to embassies and ministries and even then small things that need to be worked out on a personal level in Pakistan. Shortly they will be off in 4x4's and headed for the trail head and all of the paperwork will be left behind!

In the meantime they have enjoyed a few nice days of the past days including walks about town, hikes in the nearby hills and are all feeling well and gaining acclimatization to 2500m/8,200ft. Scott sent in a few images of their days and we hope you enjoy! 

The Indus from the hotel in Skardu
Supper at the Concordia Hotel in Skardu

On the ride from Islamabad to Skardu

Ron on a day hike above Skardu

Scott at his day hike high point!

Ron and Gunga on the day hike

at the ministry waiting, waiting waiting!

Gunga, the first mongolian woman to summit Everest

With Gunga


Unknown said...

Specify, please, on what top will do ascensions lady from Mongolia. On K2 or on Broad Peak? Its name isn't present on your BP team list.

من said...

And 3 Iranian mountain climbers in one of your photos never back :(