Sunday, June 23, 2013

Broad Peak 2013 update - Team in Paiju and sad news from Nanga Parbat

Our team is on their 4th day of trekking to base camp and they are safe and sound in Paiju at this time and at this time plan to continue on to BC. They were deeply saddened to hear of the events which took place in Nanga Parbat BC earlier today and express their sympathies for all of the families and friends affected. 

We will have more word tomorrow about movement in general in Pakistan and on the K2 trek in specific. At this time new teams are not moving up the Karakoram from Islamabad but this may change in the days ahead as the situation becomes more clear. Teams in the Baltoro region are continuing on at this time but again this may change in the days ahead. It appears that teams in the Nanga Parbat area are being evacuated, according to the BBC, though many climbers were high on the hill at the time. 

As most offices and ministries were closed today we will all await official word on what is to become of climbers and trekkers on their way in or those already in the mountains. We have seen the many reports around the internet but it is premature to speculate on what will happen from here. The embassies and consulates, Pakistani government, police and military all have a say in the next steps and we will be in communication with staff on the ground to be sure we are up to date on the situation.

There are no words that will begin to convey the sense of shared loss that we have for the people directly and indirectly affected by the tragic and brutal loss of life in Nanga Parbat BC. We extend our thoughts and prayers to all involved and hope that some sense can be made of this in the days ahead. 

We will update again tomorrow when we have more information.

A map of the region from Nanga Parbat to Broad Peak with Skardu located in-between

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Joanna said...

I know it's early there - and you might not have any news to share - but we're all hoping you're still OK and will continue to be surrounded by peace and tranquility.

We're all pretty concerned - as you can imagine.

And very eager to learn about any new developments.

Warmest - joanna