Monday, August 22, 2011

FTA Spantik 2011 - SUMMITS!

Aug 22, 2011

Tim called in from the top of Spantik at around 9am local time today to let us know the entire team had topped out. They had quite a few nights in C2 awaiting a good opening in the weather and have made the best of it! This is a well deserved summit as the team had a good share of snow and rain in BC early on and managed to keep their spirits high with cards and books in BC!!

Congratulations to Tim, Hanna, Marius, Dolors, Javier, Philip, Rita and Taqui!

We'll have more details in the days ahead as they make their way back to BC, on out to Arandu and finally hot showers in Skardu!

The entire 8km Spantik Ridge! © Sean James

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from the host of baltoro said...

congratulation to all members of the expedition on there successful summit.