Saturday, August 6, 2011

FTA K2 2011 - Summit Push Aborted

From Stu in the usa office
6 August 2011

After pushing to C4 and spending the night in preparation for a summit attempt the winds were simply too strong and Sophie, Lakpa and all HAP's have descended to C2. On Sunday they will drop back to BC and we expect to have more news and updates when they are down safe and sound.

The team will need to clear the higher camps of gear on the 8th and be ready for the porters on the 9th or 10th.

We are glad that our K2 team has given the mountain a good effort but summits attempts are simply not possible in the winds they had and even high winds are coming in tomorrow leaving no more windows for our team this summer.

Chris will be dropping a few audio dispatches in the days ahead and a final report when he gets back to Skardu in a few days time.

Meanwhile over on Spantik our team led by Tim Colquhoun is already in BC and getting ready to begin tackling one of the great 7000m peaks in Pakistan! Stay tuned to follow their progress beginning shortly!

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