Wednesday, June 29, 2011

FTA K2/Broad Peak 2011 -Second round of acclimatization ahead!

From Stu in the US office
July 29, 2011

Chris has called in with the good news that the team is ready to head up for its second round of acclimatizing and they are hoping to spend nights in C3 at approximately 7100m and then descend to BC. With nights in C3 they will be ready for a summit push the next time up so this is a critical push.

The weather has been unsettled but winds have not too bad below the summit ridge. Chris plans to call in with more info about exact member movement and we'll have that for you shortly!

A typical night at C3 the first time is not super pleasant and most people feel the altitude and the hard work to arrive. In 2003 Alex Txicon had a rough night but rallied to summit the next day!
Alex Txicon sleeping at C3 in 2003 © stu remensnyder

The climbing from C2 to C3 is quite steep and exposed at the start and requires a lot of attention and hard work with a full pack!

Climbing from C2 to C3 on Broad Peak © stu remensnyder

But the views from C3 are worth it!
FTA '03 Member Fred Muylaert enjoying a tea at C3 © stu remensnyder

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