Monday, May 2, 2011

ipadio: FTA's Channel - 3rd phonecast

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JackieK said...

Hi Ben & Team, (Good to hear from Keith in the tent there with you) You've been thru some lousy weather, fairly consistent snowfalls so it seems, which would make for hard going on the mountain. I think many people might rightfully assume there is a 'track' up a mountain, esp when people talk about certain 'routes' but the reality is ea season you have to 'find' or 'make' a track placing anchors & ropes and literally moving metres of snow in your path (pushing the route).
You guys did well being the 1st group on the mountain & probably did more than your share until other groups arrived. Well done.
Our very best wishes to you Ben & Keith over the next few days & really hope the weather improves and you go well. Best wishes & love from Australia your family, friends & all.