Friday, May 6, 2011

FTA Cho Oyu Expedition 2011 - Summits!!!

from stu in the usa office
May 6th, 2011

Ben has called in to let us know that Siddhi and Sophie has made a great effort to reach the summit of Cho Oyu in just over 22 days from Kathmandu! They had planned only to do a carry to C3 but instead felt strong, saw a good weather window and had some other teams to help push the route through. They topped out at 1:45pm Kathmandu time on the 5th and had great weather. They are making their way to ABC where they will be greeted with Lhasa Beer and a summit cake by Ratna!

Ben and Keith are feeling strong themselves after a good night at C2 and they will make a bid in the next weather window which looks to be around the 9th or 10th. They still have nearly two weeks left before they need to leave ABC so they do have plenty of time for good window.

Enjoy listening in to Ben's hoarse voice as he shares the news!

Looking ahead
We have a few spaces still for this summer's Broad Peak and K2 trip and are gearing up for Spantik in August and Satopanth and Cho Oyu for September. In October and November we have the Khumbu Three Peaks and Passes, Everest, BC treks, Island Peak climbs and Ama Dablam.

see our website for the latest dates and prices!

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sally watts said...

Dear Ben, sounds like it's been a pretty amazing time for you. Listened to your voice and could hardly recognise you - funny how being on top of a mountain sounds like the aftermath of a rough night on the tiles! I also looked at the You tube clip of the wind and your tents. Funnily enough I've just come back from Cornwall for a week and there was an artic exhibition at the Maritime Museum and your tents and all the snow looked far worse than the displays they had there. I can't tell you how enormously proud I am of you and how petrified I would be if I was your mother. I am thinking of you and your expedition team and hope that you all get back safely, I know a couple have already had to return but I hope it goes well for the rest of you. Lots of love from Sally, William, James and Jess and of course Keela and Frankie xxxxxxx