Saturday, November 20, 2010

FTA Ama Dablam update 19 Nov

from stu in he usa office
nov 20, 2010

All is well at Ama Dablam and a summit bid is brewing!

On the 18th the entire team took a run to C1 and spent the night. On the 19th Siddhi and Michael went on to C2 to set up tents and then joined the rest of the team in descending to base camp. The plan for the teamis to eat, sleep and rest a few days and then make a summit bid!

Stay tuned for more new of a summit push!

Audio Dispatch
Fabrizio checks in to let us know that the team is headed to C1 after three days of rest from summiting Island Peak and that everyone is feeling well.

They have been enjoying lounging in BC (enjoying the warmth of the new BC heater system!), taking trips to the monastery in Pangboche, and eating more meat than "we could fathom that an expedition could have"!
The team is loading up and readying for a slow walk to C1 today. The plan is spend the night in C1 and tomorrow establish C2 and potentially stay in C2. Most likely they will set up the tents in C2 and return to BC to prepare for a summit push.
Fabrizio notes that they are one of just 2 teams now in BC and it is as stroke of fortune to have Ama Dablam nearly to themselves! Just 2 weeks ago there were more than 100 climbers and now just the Fta team and one other small group. Yet another reason our Nov trips have been so great the last 3 years! We are already accepting applications for 2011 so let us know if you need a great trip to Ama Dablam with a highly experienced team!

pic: C2 from the Gray Tower in 2007 - quite a spot for a night!

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