Wednesday, July 7, 2010

K2/BP 2010 - June 7: headed to C3!!

from stu in the usa office
June 6, 2010

After a great acclimatizing run the last time up and a great rest at bc our team is back on the hill today and making great progress once again.

On the 7th Fabrizio made it up to C2 along with Brian, Rob, Ed, Meagan and Mike. The entire rest of the non-pakistani members, Katrina, Lakpa, Luis, Tshering, Jo, Chris, Ben and Garth, are already at C1 for tonight and the HAP staff will come all the way up to C2 tomorrow.

Approaching C3 © stu remensnyder

On the 8th Fabrizio will finish the route through to C3 and stay the night along with his group and then descend to BC on the 9th. On the 8th the members now in C1 with Ben and Chris will push up to C2 for the night with plans to walk towards camp 3 (or above) on the 9th and then return to BC the same day. We have a great forecast for the next 2-3 days and by the time our group drops back to BC they will be acclimatized and ready for a summit bid. There are some days of very high winds ahead but we'll be ready for to go up in the next good window! Fabrizio said that at least one of the other teams who arrived earlier will be making summit bids so hopefully they will have success and it will bode well for our team!
view to K2 from above C2 © stu remensnyder

This is an exciting time for our team and we hope to have great news of the progress on the 9th or 10th along with a plans for a summit bid. Fabrizio will try to drop gabcast audio dispatches as he goes and I will post them as they arrive!

One of our trekkers, Nikki Wright, is back at home now after a great trek and has sent in some pics from her trek...enjoy them below!

Porters approaching Concordia © Nikki Wright
Porters above Paiju © Nikki Wright

Broad Peak BC © Nikki Wright

Meal at Broad Peak BC: Left table from front to back Lakpa, Rob, Jo, Ed, Meagan, Garth, Major Ajaiz, Ben, Fabrizio, (right from back to front) Chris, Nikki, Mike, Ian, Luis, Katrina, Tom, Tshering © Nikki Wright

Nikki with the Trangos behind © Nikki Wright

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Unknown said...

Being so far away with very minimal contact is hard, it's SO fantastic to see some photos from the current trip!! Thanks Nikki and Stu