Tuesday, July 27, 2010

K2 2010 - Summit push aborted at C4

from stu in the usa office
27 July, 2010

Chris just called in to let us know that the effort to get to the top of K2 on the 27th was aborted after conditions were simply too difficult. At 6pm local time he was able to see Fabrzio descending on the last of the slopes and will put up a gabcast when he into BC safe and sound. We know that all of the teams have made the same decision so there will be a lot of regrouping in the days ahead!

The weather looks to be very windy for at least another 5-6 days so time will be running out for many of our members. Chris said that he is feeling super strong and ready to wait a while! The history of K2 includes a lot of patience and this year is no different!

More news when we have it!

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