Monday, April 19, 2010

Makalu Team in Hillary BC!

from stu in the usa office
April 19, 2010

Our team is settled into Hillary BC at 4900m after aother great day of trekking and everyone is feeling well on the team. Fabrizio called in this morning to let us know that they are now just a 5 hour walk to Makalu BC tomorrow where they can settle into their new home for the next month!

They have continued to have some rain each day but mostly after they have arrived at camp so the trekking has been very enjoyable. Fabrizio added that our cook, Ram, has been doing an especially great job and they are eating very well! In the afternoon Fabrizio took an acclimatization walk up to visit the BC of a team attempting a new route on the south. He said the mountain is enormous from up close and sounded very excited to get onto some climbing in few days!

Our weather forecasting from suggests continued afternoon rain likely for another few days and then hopefully a period of drier days. Winds are quite high on the summit still in the 50 km/hr range so we'll be looking for more moderate winds in the weeks ahead!

More news as we have it!


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