Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FTA Makalu 2010 - C2 established!

from stu in the usa office
April 27, 2010

Fabrizio called in from our BC to let us know that everyone is safe and sound back at BC after establishing C2 at 6700m! He and the rest of the team had just returned and they were looking forward to a good meal and a good night's sleep.

The weather has been deteriorating and looks to be quite poor over the next 3 days so the team decided to retreat to BC to get a full rest before pushing up the hill again in a few days time. Fabrizio will get an audio dispatch out in the next day or two with the updated plan for the week ahead. We'll be waiting and hoping for an improved weather forecast from Metotest in the days ahead but it does appear a period of cloudy and snowy weather is settling in.

On another note...CONGRATULATIONS to South Korean climber, Oh Eun-Sun, who became the first female 14x8000er summiteer!! A great day for climbing to have our first female join the group of male climbers with this accomplishment! See more about here climb and all the recent action on Annapurna:

More news as we have it!


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