Monday, May 17, 2010

Makalu Update - Back in BC!

from stu in the usa office
17 May, 2010

Our team is back in BC safe and sound and will use the next 3 days to rest up before a definitive summit push to come starting around the 21st. They returned from a run up to C2 at 6700m where they got in some good additional acclimatization but did not waste energy or reserves trying to gain height in very strong winds. As predicted by Meteotest the winds rose quite a bit on the 16th as our team made their way back to BC and more nights up high would certainly have been very demanding if not dangerous.

They were greeted at BC by a well deserved and highly anticipated reinforcement of fresh food and Fabrizio noted that the improvement in the variety of the meals has done wonders to the moral of our entire team! This is certainly the time in an expedition when one begins to have dreams of great feasts back in Kathmandu at the Everest Steak House, Fire & Ice Pizza, Third Eye Indian food and the countless cuisines represented around Thamel!

A large number of teams are holding up in BC now all looking to the large window of lower winds expected to arrive shortly and it looks as though it will be a strong contingent headed for the top in the week ahead.

Fabrizio has left a voice dispatch from BC - enjoy!

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