Friday, May 14, 2010

Makalu 2010 - Summit Chances Ahead?

from Stu in the USA office
May 14, 2010

Our team has been sitting tight in BC awaiting the 15th when they will make their way to C2 in hopes that the subsequent days will allow a summit bid. With a brief window of moderate winds forecasted may have enough time to try for the top from C3 at 7400m but it appears a long shot at this point. In the worst case scenario they will at least get a few more days up high and be even better positioned for the next weather window.

Fabrizio and I have been speaking nearly every day to try and make the best decision about when to try for the summit based on the weather, route and member considerations. It appears that the 16th and 17th are the only feasible days and given that the preceding days are still very windy (as high as 30-40km/hr) at C3. Based on the winds they will need to be down to C3 BC by the end of day on the 17th and into BC by the 18th as winds pick up considerably on the 19th.

Our members are doing well with the spare days resting and eating and preparing for the serious endeavor which faces them in the days ahead. If this window does not give them a chance for the summit they will try again in a much larger window predicted to begin around the 22nd or 23rd of the month. As such they have ordered more food and fuel from down the valley to enable them to stay a bit longer!

We'll hear from the team from C2 tomorrow and let you know how they are getting on. Wish them calm winds and warm temps!

Fabrizio has left an audio disapatch below - enjoy!

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