Sunday, July 14, 2013

FTA Broad Peak 2013 update - Summit Attempt update

Summit and descending!
Ron and Scott made a summit bid today leaving from camp three at about 7100m. Ron managed to top out along with three high altitude porters while Scott turned about shortly before the top. They are on descent and we look forward to hearing the details when they get back down!
[note: we have now heard that our BC staff may have been a bit excited and Ron only reached the false summit- we are awaiting his return to base camp and will update ASAP!]
ridge above the col on Broad Peak © stu remensnyder

Successful Evacuation
Brian has already made his way out from base camp on a helicopter flight yesterday and is now on his way back home. John was able to accompany him out as well and give hims support at every turn. Our ground staff did a great job hustling them through the process of evaluation and them down to Islamabad. Brian is sporting a nice caste from the Pakistani Military hospital and we thank them for all of their help as well.

more news shortly!

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