Thursday, August 16, 2012

FTA Spantik 2012 - Summit Push Under Way!

Camp three on 7027m Spantik
Our team is in camp 2 and ready to make a summit bid in a few days if they can make their way through the deep snow which they have been encountering on the hill. Brad, Grace and Avi will hope to move up to camp three tomorrow, where they have already deposited a tent and some supplies, and assess the conditions. It may be that they need to spend one day pushing the route part way to the top and wanding it so they can get an early start on the 19th or 20th. The weather looks to be mostly clear and calm over the next 4-5 days so that is good news.

Noel is resting at base camp after having his knees act up on him and he is using the days to enjoy some short ambles and read a few good books with the phenomenal backdrop of the nearby mountains and glaciers.

Brad will plan to call in each day on the push so stay tuned!

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