Thursday, June 28, 2012

FTA Broad Peak 2012 - Audio Dispatch: headed to C1

Ben calls in with an update on the first push to C1 and C2.

When you are done listening please read here for a full written dispatch and loads of images from today!

Mobile Device users:
Please note ipadio is flash-based so you may not be able to hear them here on your mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. We are looking for a fix and hope to have one shortly!

 In the mean time you can hear them on your mobile device by visiting our channel on the ipadio site itself: FTA Audio Dispatches on ipadio

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JackieK said...

A big hi to you all from us low-altitude dwellers! (Wish we could be there with you.)
Brad - great pics, loved Citadel Pk, (very LOR), sunset on BP & Fredryk on pillar at CI looked like a majestic statue! More pics of everyone - am sure all families/friends appreciate them. Thanks for the regular updates from both Ben & Brad. Stay well everyone.