Tuesday, April 26, 2011

FTA Cho Oyu Expedition 2011 - On to C2!

from stu in the usa office
27th April, 2011

Ben dropped this voice dispatch yesterday with the great news that the team had spent a night in C1 and that Sophie and Siddhi were planning on making a run to stay at C2 if all went well! Ben called in from  ABC along with Keith and Ratna and it sounds as if the team is back on schedule with the route being pushed through the first ice fall and perhaps even to C2 by today!

After another short rest Ben will push with Keith to C2 and with nights in C2 the team will be then ready to mount a summit bid.

To see what a windy day looks like at c2 have a look at the FTA Youtube site:

I am sure in the next day or so we'll have lots more news about the progress of the team so stay tuned!



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Nicole said...

Congratulations team ... keep pushing steadily & stay happy & healthy ... with love from Home Base Camp xxx