Monday, February 7, 2011

FTA Aconcagua Feb 2011 - Heading to BC!

from stu in the usa office
Feb 8, 2011

Our second team for the 2010-2011 season is off and running! They have gathered in Menodoza, sorted gear and made their way to the mountains already!

After a few days of travel and acclimatizing they began the 2 day trek to Plaza de Mulas on Saturday, Feb 5 and have been enjoying a rest day today building rock walks for their tents! Their trek took them from the Horcones Ranger station to the Confluencia camp (3300m) and then to Plaza de Mulas (4300m). Along the way they have enjoyed the beautiful and stark lunarscape of the valley, views of the south and west faces of Aconcagua and finally the bustling village of Plaza Mulas.

Confluencia offers beds, restaurants and more while Mulas is even more upscales with internet cafe's restaurants and even a large hotel. Most climbers will take full advantage of the soft beds at some time or another and they are a welcome option after the summit and many days on uneven rock snow and ice!

Having arrived at Mulas BC (and had a well earned rest day) they will now begin the process of acclimatizing on the mountain with trips to Camp Canada (4900m) and Nidos de Cóndores (5350m) before making a concerted push on the mountain. They are also considering some other acclimatization options including Bonete (approx 5004m) across the valley from Aconcagua.

There is a call for 3-4 days of poor weather during which time they will hope to get in lots of acclimatization and be ready for summit push! If all goes well they should be making a summit bid on or about the 16th of February!

More news as we have it!

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