Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in Quito safe and sound...and shwarmas in our bellies!

From Brad in Quito, Ecuador

I know many of you are likely checking the blog hourly for updates on our day...or really our night up on Cotopaxi.

The short of it was that after a long night we have all safely made it back into the city of Quito and most of us have passed out for a few hour siesta. It was like working third shift for our 11pm awakening last night for the climb.

The route turned out to be a formidable beast this year and while we only placed a few members on top each member pushed themselves, and one another, to the limit and climbed as high as possible. I think everyone set new personal altitude records and each one of us watched a majestic sunrise from the Cotopaxi glacier. The high volumes of snow this year changed the route immensely from last year and made it more technical in parts. Sarah and Jeff were the only members to make it the summit and they both agree that it was likely one of the hardest things they have ever done. I'm thinking everyone else feels the same way but I can't ask because they are all asleep!

A well earned rest after returning from the summit of Cotopaxi for Sarah!

More pictures and stories to follow once I shower and nap myself!

Regards, with a full belly of shwarmas, from Quito!


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