Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Great articles at the American Alpine Journal

from stu in the usa office

The American Alpine Journal (AAJ) has a new section on their site which will help visitors to enjoy some of the very best articles, trips reports & club proceedings. They have a vast store of articles and for most people it is ard to know where to start!

Here is what the AAJ ays about the new section:

"The idea here will be to feature the most fun, best written, exceptionally exciting, historically interesting, inspiring, or just plain useful articles and reports that have been published in the roughly 25,000 pages of AAJs since 1929."

AAJ Online's new favorite-stories

One of the first and most impressive articles is by Charles Houston and a worthy read for anyone heading to the mountains about agonizing decisions and their consequences in the mountains.

Agonizing Decisions by Charles Houston

You can all help the AAJ with suggestions for good articles from past journals as you peruse their offerings.


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