Thursday, September 16, 2010

FTA Cho Oyu 2010 - C1 Established!

from stu in the usa office
16th September, 2010

Over the last few days our team has made the acclimatization runs up to C1 and established the camp site with tents and some gear. Despite a significant amount of snow fallingt they have been able to move quite easily from BC to C1 and back. Today they head up to C1 to spend the night for the first time and in the next day or two will hope to push up to C2 if the conditions permit. A few other teams have already made the trip to C2 so we know the route is open. The winds remain very low at this time and the temperatures have been quite warm. If the clouds do not drop too much snow our tem should be able to make some good progress on the hill in the days ahead.
Fabrizio plans to post audio dispatches regularly and we’ll pass them on as we have them! We did have a good talk yesterday and he said that everyone felt great that they were looking forward to sleeping at C1 with the great views of the climb!

More as we have it!



Cho Oyu from BC © stu remensnyder

Cho Oyu from just above C1 © stu remensnyder
Cho Oyu from just above C1 © stu remensnyder

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