Wednesday, June 16, 2010

K2/Broad Peak 2010 - On the move!

from stu in the usa office
June 16th, 2010

Our first group is off to Askole led by Chris Szymiec and our second group is on the KKH Express and to arrive this afternoon and with good luck will be off in the morning.

Heading off today was the bulk of the group who has been up in Skardu as well as the group arriving by road yesterday. Weather has continued to shut down the flights up to Skardu and with the prospect of possible 4 more days of bad weather the last optimistic members down in Islamabad had little choice now but to make the famed ride or else risk missing too many days on the hill.

Already in Askole and on the way to Jhula are:
Chris, Ed, Ben, Rob, Mike, Tom, Meagan, Brian

Waiting in Skardu for the road crew are:
Fabrizio, Lakpa, Tshering and Jo

Arriving this evening by road are:
Luis, Katrina, Garth, Nikki and Ian

You can see more about our team at the K2/BP 2010 Team page

We received a nice note of encouragement from last year team member Fabrice Imparato and he has posted a wonderful image gallery from our 2009 expedition. We will be sharing them through out the summer in appropriate dispatch moments but you can jump ahead and see all of them by visiting

Fabrice Imparato at Picasa

The road to Skardu is not in great condition but the landslides seem to have been all fixed up and Chris and his his merry band made it from Islamabad to Skardu in under 24 hrs which is excellent time. We'll hope for the same speed for today's group and will know shortly!

Chris called in from Askole last night to let Fabrizio know all was well and the trekking set up was fantastic. He also mentioned that the road to Askole was very rough and they were glad to be out of the 4x4s and be officially on the trek!

Overall our members have been having a great time in Pakistan walking freely in Skardu and Islamabad and enjoying the sites and people that make up this amazing country. Hope you can join us for a climb or trek in Pakistan in 2011 and see for yourself!



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great pictures from the great mountain. thanks

and good luck to the team