Sunday, November 22, 2009

All safe in Ama Dablam BC

From stu in the USA office
Nov 22, 2009

Chris called in today to let us know that everyone is back in BC safe and sound. Apparently it was extremely cold on the summit day and it was a big effort on everyone's part to stay warm enough.

Official Summiteers are

Sam Tyler
Ian Blessley
Siddhi Tamang
Pemba Sherpa
Chris Szymiec
Henrik Olsen

In the audio dispatch below you can hear more details about summit timing and the return to BC. You can also hear in Chris's voice that this kind of cold high climbing takes a toll on the vocal cords!

Chris and the entire team and BC staff are breaking camp tomorrow and will go down to Namche for two nights of R&R, pool matches, celebration Yak Sizzlers and now that they are on the way down likely quite a few beers! There are several excellent poolhalls in Namche and often teams on the hill will enjoy a friendly but well contested match complemented with a musical backdrop of Pearl Jam or Bob Marley!

We'll look forward to more dispatches from Namche and Kathamndu along with some pics from the trip!

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