Friday, June 6, 2008

One Last Night in Kathmandu

Everything is all set and ready to go for the Field Touring
Alpine Gasherbrum 2 2008 expedition. I fly to Islamabad
tomorrow morning where i will commence the task of securing
permits, garbage deposits and local transport up the
Karakorum Highway to Skardu.

The rest of the team will be arriving between the 8th and
11th of June. We plan to fly shortly there after to Skardu
(weather permitting) at which time the monumental task of
packing for 50 days in the mountains will begin. Will will
stay in Skardu for a day or so and then load up our 70s era
Toyata Land Cruisers and head into the hills for one of the
worlds most revered treks to Gasherbrum 2 base camp.

I will dispatch as much as possible and keep all fans,
friends & families up to date on what promises to be a
fantastic adventure to the famed Karakorum giant, Gasherbrum



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Josh said...

I would like to wish all the team members of the FTA 2008 Gasherbrum 2 expedition an exciting and safe accent (and decent) of the worlds 13th highest mountain. Enjoy the views ,camaraderie and team work you will share. Be safe , work hard and good times are assured. I look forward to fallowing your climb.

Live to climb,
Climb to live,
Josh K