Thursday, February 16, 2012

FTA Aconcagua Feb 2012 summit push

Feb 2 Acon Falso Update

Ben dropped us a note before the team left base camp a few days back and everyone was doing well and looking forward to the summit push. By this time they have set camps in C1 and C2 and will be trying to make a summit bid. The plan included a possible summit bid today. Unfortunately the predicted winds are quite high for the 16th to 19th and it may be impossible to make a bid during this time. Ben knew before leaving base camp that they might well have to retreat to C1 and hope for a second chance. They do have some spare days to wait out the winds and hope for a dash to the top on 20 or 21.

The image in this dispatch is one taken some years ago but gives you a good feel for the nature of high winds on Aconcagua. The winds can be strong enough to flatten tents and in such conditions the only option is top hunker down or head down. When the winds come up they seem to usually sit for 3-4 days and then are followed by nice calm periods.

We'll post any news we have over the next week but it may not be until they descend to Argentina or Mulas on 21st or 22nd that we hear from them.

Custom trips to Aconcagua

We have a second small private February group climbing the normal route and they are in Penitentes acclimatizing today. They will make final gear prep and will be heading to Confluencia tomorrow. We are always happy to accommodate small private groups so let us know if you have a special date or route and we'll set you up with a trip!

Coming Up

We are starting to have a good run on our trips to Broad Peak in June and Cho Oyu in September and are looking for great team members to join us for these trips.  Our Noshaq trip is filling up fast and if you are not on our mailing list and are interested in climbing the highest peak in Afghanistan let us know!

Lots of other trips are coming together including K2, Stok Kangri, Ama Dablam and more so have  a look at our trips and let us know where you'd like to go in 2012-13!


JackieK said...

To Ben & team on Aconcagua - let's hope those high winds abate and you can make a summit bid in good weather. 18th here in Oz. Stay warm & well.

Anonymous said...

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