Friday, July 9, 2010

K2/BP 2010 - June 9: C3 established!

From Stu in the USA office
June 9, 2010

More great news from our team continues to arrive each day by phone, sms and audio dispatch! Over the last few days our team has now completed the route to C3, made a deposit of tents and all members have spent a night in C2!

On the 7th our team began to move back up the hill as we noted in our July 7th dispatch. On the 8th the members in C2 (6250m) made a push as high as they coudl on the hill with Brian, Meagan, Mike and Rob all reaching 6600m or so. Feeling strong, Fabrzio completed fixing the route to C3 (7100m) on a perfect day with the entire Karakoram stretched out before him including K2, Angel Peak, Chogalisa, Mitre Peak and much much more.

View from below C3 to Concordia © stu remensnyder

Much of the route between C2 and C3 is along the edge of an enormous drop off and requires great attention. Then, as the slopes ease up near C3, it is possible to really take in the views and enjoy the position (despite the hypoxia and huffing a puffing!). The entire contingent who moved up from C1 to C2 on the 8th will be making their climb to C3 on another great day of fine weather and diminishing winds.

View from high on Broad Peak © stu remensnyder

To awake in a tent at C2 or C3 and look over at the sunrise on K2 is a rare treat that they will have perhaps 4-5 times on this trip and you can hear in Fabrzio's voice in his audio dispatches below that he is still in awe of the view - even after dozens of expeditions to the highest peaks on the planet. I am sure he'll be feeling the same on K2 in a few weeks time and on our 2010 Cho Oyu this September/October. ( Join Fab, Chris, Ben and our other guides for expeds to Cho Oyu, Cholatse, Ama Dablam, Island Peak, Thapru Chuli, Satopanth and more this autumn! See our expedition listing for more!)

Sunrise above C3 on Broad Peak © stu remensnyder

Field Touring Alpine Audio Dispatches #89- June 7: Fabrizio from C2 on Broad Peak

Field Touring Alpine Audio Dispatches #90 - June 8, 2010: Fabrizio from Broad Peak BC

We'll have a report soon from Fabrizio and the team as they celebrate Ben Kane's 29th birthday and take a few days of rest until the summit bids begin!!

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