Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Australian Adventure Bike ride!

FTA principal Dave Hancock is off on a one a decade trip to the flooded Australian deserts. Seems a massive hurricane has come through and Dave will be back in a week with more images.

Dave writes:
"The bikes are Kawasaki KLR 650's - great long distance on/off road tourers,and the bike of choice for a lot of people doing intercontinental runs!

We'll do a 700km round trip on dirt to get to Mt Augustus - the whole area is flooded to varying degrees, but we think there is a way thru along some high ground. One major river course, that has been dry for 6 years, is now a staggering 9 metres (20+ft) deep."

Its not just mountaineering at Field Touring but adventure of every kind! If you are interested in joining adventure rides let Dave know at


Stu in the US office

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Steven said...

The first time I was granted an Australian visa, it was for business purposes, hopefully this summer, I will get the chance to experience the Australian outback. The picture, specially the one with the beautiful moon, seems to show a great view of the country and it seems very exciting
to cruise around from city to city. My question will be would I need (or how) to get an Australian license when I have to drive?