Saturday, May 3, 2008

Gasherbrum 2 just around the corner

Hello Team,

The big day is just around the corner. I am flying to Kathmandu on May 29th then onwards to Islamabad on June 8th 2008. Very exciting. I imagine that some of you have questions about gear items or travel stuff and may be looking for suggestions from Myself, Stu or other team members. Please feel free to access this blog website and post answers questions or suggestions. this is my first time using this blogger software but I feel strongly that it will work very well for us. In fact, I just discovered that we can send emails form Gasherbrum 2 base camp directly to this blog page.

I encourage all team members to post comments via the 'comment' link below. Lets start blogging!

All the best and Climb on


photo: Sebastian, Chris in the down suit and Asgar convalescing at camp 2 on Spantik. Twan.


Field Touring Alpine said...

A note about local customs in Pakistan

I would like to ask all team members to try their very best to comply with the local customs in Pakistan. Among the most important of these is wearing long pants and long sleeve shirts while in Islamabad and on the journey to Skardu.

It's not illegal for people to wear shorts in Pakistan but doing what we can to respect local culture will go a long way in gaining the respect and acceptance from the locals.

cheers Chris

Field Touring Alpine said...

Passport Photos

I just wanted to remind team members to please bring at least 6 passport photos. They do not have to be the official ones required for a passport . I usually print out a contact sheet of photos and cut them myself. Color or B&W.

climb on Chris

fred said...
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Field Touring Alpine said...

nope, mainly for permits. They don't need to all be the same.


Jean-René Boidron said...

During the expedition, will the blog be accessible to anyone wishing to know what’s going on?
Also, Stu had mentioned he would send quick notes to friends and families by mail. Is this still in the picture?



Field Touring Alpine said...

This blog is going to be accessible to the world while we are on the mountain. We will be updating it directly from base camp and higher using the PDA and sat phone.

Stu will be sending updates to friends & family throughout the expedition.